About a decade or so ago, my friends, George Root, Craig Bacon and I wrote a series of short books with each person building on what the previous person had wrote. It ended up a chaotic masterpiece, in my opinion.

For Christmas, I turned one of those books’ manuscripts into a Kindle offering. I also made it available as an audiobook on my YouTube channel, Stop Book & Listen. Well, now I’ve got the other seven books available as Kindle offerings, as well. And I’ll eventually get them recorded as audiobooks when I get a chance.

But for now, here’s the “Down at the Park” book series on Kindle:

This, by the way, is the “second side project” that I spoke of in my earlier post. That FIRST side project is going well. I’ve recently published videos on the life of Sid Vicious and Ronald Reagan. You can see them on my YouTube channel, Life Story.