I wear a lot of hats — figuratively and literally. While narration is my “job,” I have a lot of side projects. I also have a lot of actual hats. If I had to guess, I’d guess somewhere between 50 and 60. But that’s just a guess.

To check out my other “hats” (or side projects, if you prefer) just click their names below or on the drop down menu above.

All WNY – The OG hat. I’ve been wearing this one for almost 18 years. What started as an online radio station has grown into a mini media empire focusing on all things local to Western New York: music, news, events and more.

Here’s the Thing – My first attempt at a YouTube channel, focusing on odd facts and things I simply find amusing.

Life Story – My latest foray into the world of YouTube, featuring short celebrity biographies and obituaries.

Stop Book & Listen – Audio books. On YouTube. For free. Narrated by yours, truly.

The Bird War – A 20-year long running joke, The Bird War used to be a regular topic when I was on radio. I turned it into a website a few years ago. But eventually rolled it into ScottLeffler.com because I just didn’t have time to maintain another site.

Breaking Moos – A companion website of sorts to TheBirdWar.com with fun and interesting animal stories. I just thought the domain was cool. So I made a blog. And like The Bird War, eventually rolled it into ScottLeffler.com.