Two fields were widened Monday.

The number of Democrats lining up to take pot shots and President Bush and the number of hockey teams taking pot shots at their fans.

Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., said he was a “different kind of Democrat” in his bid to unseat the man who assured Lieberman’s title would remain senator — not vice president.

Lieberman, of course, was Al Gore’s vice presidential candidate in the fun and exciting 2000 presidential election that was eventually decided by the Supreme Court (although it has been widely reported that the people of Florida had something to do with it).

Lieberman, in his announcement on Monday, reminded students at his old high school in Stamford, Conn., that he and Gore got a half-million more votes than Bush and Cheney.

Cheese with your w(h)ine? Would you like your sour grapes peeled?

Lieberman said he wouldn’t run unless Al Gore didn’t run. Gore, of course, dropped out in a blaze of comedy, practically calling the rest of the Democratic Party a bunch of whiny know-it-alls.

That left Lieberman open to possibly run, something I thought would make me happy.

Unfortunately, you can add Sen. Lieberman to the long line of Democrats who just don’t impress me.

Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, and now Lieberman.

Yeah. Like I said. Unimpressed.

The sad thing is George W. “I am my daddy’s son” Bush should be more beatable than this year’s Sabres.

With no viable Democrats, though, I’ll be forced to vote for a third-party candidate (never let anyone convince you that minor parties are worthless).

Harry Browne, here I come.

Speaking of the Sabres, by the way, “our team” sought bankruptcy protection on Monday, joining the Ottawa Senators as NHL teams that can’t or won’t pay their bills.

But the NHL and the Sabres are presenting the bankruptcy — which I’ve always viewed in a negative light — as a positive thing.

“It will enable the Sabres to secure financing that will allow them to continue to operate in the ordinary course, subject to league supervision, while the sale process is completed,” NHL Commish Gary Bettman told the media Monday.

So let me get this straight: The Sabres declare bankruptcy and that allows them to “secure financing.”

That in turn could allow Mark Hamister — the Sabres’ suitor — to pass go and collect $33 million from the state.

Let’s review.

The Sabres can’t pay their bills, so they say they’re broke and that gives them access to money.

Meanwhile, a Buffalo businessman says he’d like to buy the Sabres but only with $33 million worth of the good people of the state of New York. And if he doesn’t get it, he’s going to take his puck and go home.

I say, “Mark, get the puck out of Buffalo.”

Here’s my solution to the whole thing in two easy steps:

1) Hamister can run for president — not that I’d vote for him, but that would get him out of the Buffalo area and assure that he wouldn’t become the Sabres’ new owner (apparently politicians’ bids aren’t counted).

2) The National Democratic Party can declare ideological bankruptcy, giving them the cash flow to take down George W. “I got less votes” Bush in the 2004 election.