If you frequent ScottLeffler.com, first of all, get a hobby … and secondly, you may have noticed some posts that were recently added … but that aren’t “new” posts.

A few years ago, I started a website, “TheBirdWar.com” to publish stories that I ran into about birds attacking people. It’s a long-running joke from back in my days on WLVL where I would frequently do bits on actual news stories of birds attacking people. Callers would call in to talk about times they got attacked. I had been attacked by vultures and my producer at the time was attacked by a turkey. Or maybe turkeys? I don’t recall.

Anyway, a few years ago, I decided to keep up the joke in the form of a website. But Facebook deemed it hate speech or something so I couldn’t share my stories there, and I just didn’t have the time to maintain it. So it languished. And a few months ago, I killed it and forwarded the domain to ScottLeffler.com.

But then I regretted losing the stories. So over the weekend, I used the Wayback Machine to find the old posts and copied and pasted them into ScottLeffler.com. A few of the posts had dead links or I couldn’t find the photos, etc. So I had to do a little updating and we lost a few posts. But overall, it was a success.

Also a few years ago, I was having a conversation in which I meant to say, “breaking news,” but accidentally said “breaking moos,” and realized it was a great name for a website. I immediately bought BreakingMoos.com and made it a companion site to TheBirdWar.com. It was to be a blog-style site with odd and funny animal stories.

But like TheBirdWar.com, I didn’t have the time to maintain it. And I killed it. And this weekend I revived it here on ScottLeffler.com.

To make a somewhat long story short, you may notice two new categories on the site, “The Bird War,” and “Breaking Moos.” I also added them under “hats.”

I plan to add to what’s already there. But you know how plans work, right? So … we’ll see.

Also, there are likely to be some other changes to the site in the days and weeks ahead. Or not. Again, we’ll see.

Thanks for tuning in to the Scott Talk.