Ever see a movie or a TV show where some quack psychiatrist forces the hero to regress and determine where his pent up rage took root?

Of course you have.

Ever believe it could really work like that?

Of course not.

But maybe I’m starting to buy it just a little.

All thoughts, opinions, emotions, etc. have to have been born somewhere. Obviously, the most likely possibility is that they were born in our own past.

Anyway, the other night I came to a realization of why I may be so dead-set against this impending war in Iraq: I never went to Rome.

I know. I know. There I go again throwing out statements that make no sense to normal rational people.

Let me digress.

A dozen years ago, I was supposed to jump on a jumbo jet and jaunt across the Atlantic to the ancient city of Rome.

The planned vacation/field trip was jettisoned when George H.W. Bush (41) decided he wanted to go fight a war with the nation of Iraq.

Needless to say, I was distraught.

I remember being upset about not going to Italy. I also remember being upset about what I perceived to be Bush’s war for oil.

What I don’t remember is if I tied the two at the time.

It’s easy to tie together now, though.

On Monday, I called my former Latin teacher — Bruce Strassburg — so he could refresh my memory on the whole ordeal.

Father Bruce, as we called him, told me they still haven’t gotten to go to Rome.

Neither have I for that matter.

But I’m not bitter about that.

Not now, at least.

I’ll tell you what I am bitter about, though.

I’m bitter that our president refuses to believe that there are options other than bombing Baghdad.

I’m bitter that the best war coverage I’ve seen so far was on MTV.

I’m bitter that our government is ignoring the scores of anti-war protests across the country.

And I’m bitter that somewhere in America there’s a group of high school students glued to CNN — hoping that a war doesn’t break out between George W. Bush (43) and the nation of Iraq.

And unfortunately, somewhere in America, a group of high school students is about to be let down by our president — just like I was 12 years ago.

A side note: I think it’s humorous that Saddam Hussein has challenged “Dubya” to a debate and the White House has summarily rejected it.

White House Spokesman Ari Fleischer said he didn’t think that Hussein was serious about wanting to debate.

But the White House should reconsider — from a purely entertainment point of view.

I would imagine that every major network would kill to get a piece of the debate.

ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, even Comedy Central would want in the mix.

And all of America would watch.

You know all the people that don’t watch the presidential debates? They’d watch this.

I’ve always said that wars should be decided with chess matches instead of the senseless deaths of young men. A debate would be even better.

The only reason to turn the offer down, I suppose, would be a fear of losing.