I don’t usually like the hodge-podge columns. I normally like to pick a topic and stick with it.

But this week, there’s a bunch of things that I want to touch on – none more so than any other, so forgive me if I ramble.

First off, did anyone find it ironic that our draft dodger in chief (yeah, I’m talking about W here, not Clinton) co-piloted (read as sat in the co-pilot’s seat) a jet onto the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln to give his speech about the war being over.

Those of you who have made yourself familiar with our (s)elected president may already know about his service (or lack thereof) in the National Guard.

Mr. Bush, it seems, was fortunate enough to get into the Guard (which kept him on US soil instead of in Vietnam), but then failed to show up for a large amount of his duties.

Sound like a certain former president who went to school in Oxford to do essentially the same thing?

Remember all the people crying about Draft Dodger Clinton?

Where’s the crying now?

Had Clinton sat in the co-pilot’s seat while that plane landed, every TV station and newspaper in the world would have pointed out his failure to serve.

But when W does it, it’s a national event.

In fact, they actually positioned the aircraft carrier just right so cameras would get the right angle of Bush getting out of the plane.

On a similar note, now that W has announced that the war is over but we didn’t win (or was it that we won, but the war isn’t over), is it OK to go back to criticizing him?

Some of you may know that I took some flak for criticizing a standing president in a time of war (I hadn’t read the addendum that said you couldn’t do that).

Now that the war is over, I can call him all the things that the Clinton bashers called our former president (who was actually elected – twice – I might add).

But I’ll be civil. More than many people have been to me.

And how soon until we go back to war? 41 got us out of Iraq too soon (politically speaking), too. His ratings slipped and he was unable to do anything with our tanking economy. In rode Bill Clinton to save us (thank God).

Is 43 going to have the same fate? Is a Democratic candidate going to sweep into the White House and irradicate the scourge that resides there currently?

A group of nine debated this weekend to see who would get the chance to topple our president.

Vice President – or I mean Senator – Joe Lieberman was declared the victor.

His victory was a huge loss for the party.

Lieberman sounds as much like George Bush as anyone can, in my opinion, and if I have to pick between Bush and Bush, I certainly lose.

I’d prefer to see someone representing the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party – a former governor from Vermont, perhaps – win the Donkey nod.

Locally, I’m sure you’ll notice that we’re supposed to hire a figurehead – er, county manager – tonight. I can only hope that Mr. Greg Lewis has the fortitute to stand up to the gang of 19 and use his bully pulpit to enact the change that this county needs.

First thing he should do is call for a change in the number of bosses he has – say from 19 to 9. Then stand up to them when they complain about it.

Also locally, Olcott’s cruise season started this past weekend. The canal’s open again, and Lockport’s cruises start Monday.

Lot’s to do this summer. Let’s get out and spend our money (if you have any left after paying your taxes).

And lastly, Free Jake Kern!