Duped CBS Regrets Airing Disputed Bush Memos … that’s their headline. Not mine. CBS is admitting that they can’t verify that the documents are originals. That doesn’t mean that they’re saying they’re fakes. So who says CBS was duped, then? Reuters? Why the h#ll does George Bush always get the benefit of the doubt from the media. What about the fake documents showing Iraq was trying to buy yellow-cake uranium from Niger? Oops. No accountability there. But some documents about Bushy Wushy MAY be fake (not ARE fake … but MAY BE) and CBS rolls yet again. CBS. The channel that canned the Reagans movie. The network that refused to air an anti-Bush commercial during the Superbowl. And now they’re appologizing cause they can’t prove something to be true (so it’s assumed that the opposite is true). I’m tellin’ ya – I’m really irritated about this. This country keeps giving George W. Bush the benefit of the doubt and because of it, young men and women die every day in a war over daddy’s pride. No one “regrets” airing news stories about WMDs in Iraq. Where’s that appology? That only killed 1,000 of our soldiers (and tens of thousands of Iraqis). No big deal.

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