On average, I would say I get half a dozen emails a day from people that listen to the show … some love it … some hate it … and some want me to look into something for them. Typically, I don’t share those emails. But some are just too good to let go. I have removed the email address and signature to protect that “innocent,” but below is an email that I got today that I couldn’t not share with you …

I dont know if this is the right site…I am from Gasport. I was a democrat for many many years, I am 81 years old. Recently however I have chose to support the Republician Party and that wonderful President Bush. He is so brave, intelligent and he has the country facing in the right direction. Wasn’t it terrible what that MrClinton did when he was in office? Shooting sperm on that lady Monica’s dress?

You have been one reason that I did decide to switch to the republicians. You are very focused, but mostly in the wrong direction, you are so so wrong. You speak of tax issues, yet you rent….you do not pay real estate taxes….not in a technical sense….actually you make no sense. Mr Green should have fired you when you declared yourself a socialist on Feb 22, 2004 (on the air…yes check the rerun), and when the news director, that wonderful Mr Newsman “John” stated you were too drunk to be interviewed at the polar bear event this last year. Are you really a drunk? Maybe you and Ted can have a toast. Of course you have never drowned anyone (yet) (I dont think), but have a toast anyways. My late husband was a decorded WWII veteran, you should speak less of military affairs as you never where man enough to step up,and enlist yourself. Maybe you should talk more about beer and the such, you seem to understand the lingo!

I took up enough of you time…

Now tell me that’s not hilarious. Ya just gotta love it. Excuse me while I get another beer.

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