It’s a world of laughter
– A world of tears
It’s a world of hopes
– And a world of fears
There’s so much that we share
– That it’s time we’re aware
It’s a small world after all

– It’s a Small World After All

Written by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman

That song is synonymous with Disney – the happiest place on earth.

But it’s also symptomatic of the tragedy Thursday when three subway trains and a bus in London, England were bombed by terrorists.

Of course, it’s not the first terrorist attack since 9/11. It’s not the first time one of our allies in the War On Iraq have been targeted on their home turf. And, dare I say … it won’t be the last.

If memory serves me correctly, we went to war in Iraq cause they had WMDs. No, I mean, cause Saddam was bad. No, I’m sorry … it was to liberate the Iraqi people. Oh, wait. Now I remember the REAL reason we’re at war there. It’s to fight them there instead of here.

Is that way the Brits went to war, too? So they could fight terrorism in Iraq instead of on double-decker buses and the London Underground? The people of England have expressed great concern over their involvement in the quandary known as Iraq. As have the people of the United States.

What will Thursday’s attacks do to their resolve? I’m betting it’s a very polarizing issue. Many will state, “See. I told you they’re bad. We have to kill them all now.” Others will say, “See. I told you. We shouldn’t have stuck our noses in where they don’t belong.”

Sadly, both are right.

Frankly, I think that we’re in a war of choice. But much like the Superman ride at Six Flags Darien Lake, you can’t get off in the middle … not matter how much your stomach churns. We have to get through it. And we have to do our damndest to fight back those that would hate us for being us. But we also have to learn from our mistakes.


Yup, I said it. We’re not infallible. According to some, that would make me part of the “Blame America First Crowd.” I’m not blaming us first. Just saying that there’s blame to go around. A war of choice is a mistake. And we deserve the blame for it.

Now it’s possible – likely even – that some of the world would still hate us even if we hadn’t gone to war in Iraq. They’d hate us for Afghanistan. They’d hate us for Israel. They’d hate us for shaving off our facial hair and not putting Allah first. But maybe they wouldn’t hate us enough to continue attacking us.

Cause WE were attacked this Thursday. Yeah, the location was London, but that was an attack on what we stand for. And just as the flag stands for the United States, so do our allies. Attack the flag and you’re attacking the U.S. Attack our allies and you’re attacking the U.S.

And in an ever shrinking world – one where you’re with us … or you’re the terrorists – it’s time we’re aware that we have to share this ball of mud and grass. And maybe the best first step would be to stop throwing it at one another.