Today’s show was fun … Fun Fact about Men. As stereotypical as it was, most of it was soooo true. The best part was the guy that knew the types of lettuce. I never woulda known. Click here for even MORE types of lettuce. The pension stuff – although not exactly jovial, was a good topic … and it met the criteria of ANYTHING BUT POLITICS. That last caller … the woman who’s always “okay, I guess” … will someone buy her a drink! She has the innate ability to SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF A SHOW!!! The bar I went to Saturday, BTW, was Gonzos. My buddy I talked to: Dennis Farley. Good man. Also, I didn’t play the President’s Weekly Radio Address cause I quit playing the real one – it sucks. And I didn’t play the parody cause it wasn’t exactly FCC friendly this week … but it was very funny. I suggest you listen to it … but only if you’re not easily offended.

Click here for podcast of Monday’s show.