Um, yeah. So today’s show was officially all over the board. We talked about free tuition to college. We talked about the Niagara Power Project. We talked about Harry Potter. I played a bit with George W Bush and Dick Cheney being picked by the sorting hat. Funny stuff. We talked about the man who woke up next to a naked guy he didn’t know. At least the naked guy had Blue. A woman yelled at me for swearing in front of her kids. Said I’m a model teacher. (scary). PC Tony told me off air that he’d co-host the show with me some time soon. Should be fun. A woman talked about National Fuel giving 5 years free gas to Pakistanis. (For the record, I spoke to a National Fuel representative this afternoon who said the claim is false. “No one gets free heating fuel. Employees don’t even get a discount.”) Monday we get back to politics. Local even. The Cercone/Apolito race and Johnson/Ceretto race should be finalized* Monday.

*barring lawsuits and challenges – which are both actually likely.