Well, if I’m starting the new year feeling like I feel, the only way to go is up, right?

I guess I would say I feel better today than yesterday, though, so we keep heading in the right direction.

We went to a house party last night for a little bit. Very enjoyable. Met a ton a people. Won’t remember any of their names next time I see ’em.

Then we went bowling at South Transit. Frankly, it was kind of disappointing. It was moonlight bowling, but without the moonlight bowling rules or prizes. The guy at the desk OBVIOUSLY didn’t want to be there and didn’t seem to mind if the world knew it. And the food wasn’t very good. But it was good to spend time with friends.

Today includes taking down Christmas decorations, resting, and likely playing Clue. Santa got Clue for the kids for Christmas and we’ve played it 10 times in the past two days. I’ve won 9 times. Jackie’s won the other. But she’s obsessed with this game. Yesterday, I walked into the living room and it was just already set up. How odd.

Santa also got the kids LIFE, which seems vastly changed from when I was little. It’s very complicated. That game won’t get played much.

Frequently on New Year’s Day we go to Ransomville to watch “the Hangover,” but with my sickness … it’s a home day.

I was supposed to work my other job today, but called in sick … on Wednesday. They had a hard time believing me that I would be sick today, but alas, I am. I just wanted to give them ample time to find someone to fill in.

More later.