Just got done with a nice afternoon Gazelle session (1.57 miles – 18 minutes – 189.9 calories). That puts me at 3 1/2 miles for the day. Not too bad. Aim higher tomorrow.

I thought the Ed show went well. What’d you guys think? My goal was to be fair. I thought I accomplished that. I never want to softball guests … but I also don’t want to act all macho and hard@ss. It’s a fine line between tough questions and being a dick. It’s also a fine line between being nice and being easy. (Personally, I always liked girls that were both … but that’s another thought for another blog)

I interviewed John Faso this afternoon. That was pretty good. I’ll be airing it tomorrow at 12:30, but it’ll be up on the podcast later today. I’ll post a link to it here. It’s tough to think that the election is right around the corner (didn’t we just have one), but it is.

That’s all for now. Off to pick up the kids. More later.

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