I’m still pretty irritated from yesterday, but I’m going to try to move past it. As you may have figured out, I don’t get in bad moods all too often. I’m a pretty happy go lucky guy. But when I get pissy, it’s hard for me to break the cycle.

I have this thing with the Dale Association and LCTV this morning. I have to talk about WLVL. Hmm. Not sure if today’s the best day for me to do that. 🙂

Music can change my mood like crazy. I’ve been listening to on my Sirius Satellite Radio. It’s pretty peppy and it helps. Jackie’s been hording my radio for herself lately. I’d get her her own, but whenever I do something like that, she doesn’t use it. Got her a palm pilot for example, a couple years ago, which was good cause when mine died, I was just able to take hers back – cause she didn’t use it.

Got an email from Angela Vullo, Lyndon LaRouche’s publicist. She wants to know if I want him or someone else from EIR on to talk about labor issues. I think it might be time again. I also need to get Jack Davis on again soon. My opinion of him hasn’t really changed in the last two years. He might be better than Reynolds, but that’s not too hard. Maybe if we can build the Libertarian Party locally, we can run a LP candidate in a few years. That’d be sweet.

So Rooney updated his website Monday. Nothing since. Should I start a new count up? In a related matter (read old posts if this doesn’t seem related to you) I’m down to 189. This is what happened last time. I dropped from 222 (that’s where I was at the beginning of last summer) to like 190 quick fast in a hurry. Then 189 came slowly. Then 188 came even more slowly. And then I hurt my knee. Never got to 187. I think when I hit 187, I should have a big party: pizza. wings. beer. lard on a stick. buncha trans fats. 🙂

Here’s the morning Gazelle log: 2.71 miles – 30 minutes – 328.5 calories. So I have to do 1.3 miles this afternoon and I’m free and clear for the day.

Have a good one. More later.