My boss, Dick Greene, owner of the local radio station WLVL, is considering sponsoring the city’s fireworks again this year. He sponsored it last year after the previous sponsor, Cornerstone Community Federal Credit Union pulled their sponsorship, citing a desire to sponsor more smaller events. I think they felt they weren’t getting the “bang for their buck,” (pun obviously intended).

Well, one of the things Dick has mentioned that he’d like to do is he wants to move the celebration to July 2nd this year – a Sunday – in order to get more family participation and make it an all-day event instead of just fireworks.

Well, don’t ya just know that some city officials are balking at the proposal, citing “tradition,” etc.

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Let me make sure to make clear that this is my opinion and I’m speaking for me … as only I know how.

“Tradition” is also that the city pays for it’s own damn fireworks and as far as I’m concerned if they’ve found someone kind enough to sponsor them, they should take the offer. Obviously I have a vested interest in this as it is my employer that’s involved in this, but I would say the same no matter who was sponsoring it.

Once again, we have an example of city officials wanting to free themselves of the burden of an event – financially and otherwise … but still be in charge of it. How typical.

If I were Dick Greene, I’d make it clear: “I’m offering to sponsor it Sunday. You want it Tuesday, you’ll need another sponsor? Can’t find one? You explain to city residents that you cancelled their fireworks cause you couldn’t have it your way.”

But as I said earlier, that’s just me. My boss probably has more class than I do.

By the way, the Union-Sun & Journal has a great poll on this topic. I love the wording. Check it out (it’s on the bottom of the page). You’ll love the wording, too.