So Monday night we went to the Eastern Hills Mall to see the Stanley Cup.

We got there a little before six because my littlest little one took a million years to eat her dinner … And the line was closed. Can you friggin’ believe it? Oh well. We’ll see it in a few weeks when the Sabres win it.

But at the mall, there are two guitars – part of the Guitars For Hope campaign. So I thought, “All is not lost.” I’d get a couple snap shots of me in my logo shirt with these guitars and post it on my web site. Stood in front. Wife took my picture. Or … I Should say Wife took A picture. I wasn’t in it. Well, my sleeve was. But that’s it. *sigh*

We went down the street to Target cause the kids needed sandals and my wife apparently was in need of a summer purse. Why do you need a special purse for the summer? And where is LAST summer’s purse? Will she need a new winter purse in six months? Anyway, she didn’t find one. But the kids got their sandals.

After that it was Sabres time. Man, they looked good. I’m a little disappointed cause I won’t see the next two games. Tomorrow I’m going to Mohawk Place in Buffalo to catch a couple bands …

And Friday, we’re going to the Bisons game thanks to my buddy Gary from Papa Leos. Let’s hope we see more of it than we did the last game. We went to a game last Wednesday compliments of the Speer family and didn’t show up til the 8th inning cause Jackie got out of work late.

Since I’m sharing my whole personal schedule, I might as well tell you that I’m going to a show at Club Infinity on Saturday to see Gorilla Punch, Amnesty Box and three other bands. It should be a great show. You should go, too.

Well, I have another blog to write for my other persona, so I gotta jet. Later.