I have previously complained about Bill … O … Reilly. And I’m compelled to do so again. O’Reilly, as you may know, is aired daily on WLVL 1340, the station I work at.

He’s whining today about being kicked out of (not let into, actually) a Barack Obama fundraiser in Hollywood California. What moron assumes that they can get into a political fundraiser as a member of the press? I’m a two-bit talk show host from podunk friggin’ nowhere and I know better than to assume that members of the press (no matter how important they think they are) can get into a fundraiser. A political event. But O’Reilly whined on.

Where were his complaints when the president and vice president of our fine country assembled the energy lobby to write policy for this country. It didn’t bother him at all that the press couldn’t get in there.

This is just a means and an excuse for bashing Barack. And further shows what a phoney O’Reilly is.

So now it’s 3 and Hannity is on. I can’t stand Hannity. He makes O’Reilly look like the bastion of balance. I used to be able to tune in to KB 1520 where they ran a rebroadcast of Ed Schultz, but since they bounced Leslie Marshall (althought their website doesn’t note it yet), they moved Ed to noon where he can run live (which is a good move), but now they air Randy Rhodes at 3. She is HORRIBLE. She almost makes Hannity listenable. So it’s 3 p.m. and I have nothing to listen to.


As a side note, I’ll be taking tomorrow off to spend with the family. I’ll see you all on Friday when Mike Tucker will be my guest.

A second side note: Some of you have asked what happened to “The Interview.” Unfortunately, it’s been replaced by infomercials. Radio is a business and if the boss can make money, he’s going to. I can’t blame him. It’s capitalism at work.

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