A story in the Union-Sun & Journal today further identifies the problems in the nanny/police state that is New York.

According to the story (link), any pool installed in New York State requires an alarm that will sound whenever anything over 15 pounds falls into the pool. The alarm will sound poolside, as well as inside the home the pool is located at. Of course, you need an APPROVED alarm that costs upwards of $200. This is required on any pool more than 24 inches high. These pools often cost less than $200, meaning you’ll have to double your budget when pool shopping.

Add this to the attempt at banning fire pits in Lockport, the public smoking ban, the cell phone ban, helmet laws and seat belt requirements, and you’ll get a feel for what we’re facing these days.

I’ve discussed this before … the attempt to “outsmart” natural selection.

Now look … I don’t want kids to drown in pools any more than I want people to die in fiery car crashes, but as I’ve noted before, if we want to insure our safety, we better not ever leave our beds. How long till that becomes law?

What’s next? Outlawing unprotected sex? Requiring cars to be padded in foam? Requiring everyone to wear helmets ALL THE TIME?

I believe that with liberty comes responsibility, but it can’t be mandated. Otherwise, we’ve lost all individualism and are just part of a collective herd. A protected … collective … herd. And the government is the zookeeper. That’s right. We’re just pets. And the leash is ever shortening.