It has – once again – been a while since I’ve blogged here.

But I couldn’t think of a better reason to write some thoughts down than what I have to tell you today …

On Sunday, Nov. 4, 2007, the New York State Libertarian Party named yours truly as the temporary chair of the newly-formed Niagara County Libertarian Party.

My main job as temporary chair is to get as many likeminded people to sign up with the party as possible – in hopes of having a “convention” in early 2008 to elect officers for the county chapter and grow the party locally.

For those of you whom I haven’t explained libertarianism to, check out our new website, for all the details. I’ll give you a brief summary, though. Libertarians believe in personal freedoms, responsiblity, and limited government. It’s the best parts of the Republican and Democratic parties combined with – in my opinion – none of the bad stuff.

Today’s show will be devoted to explaining the party and hoping people want more information.

Tune in (to AM 1340) at 11:11 a.m.