We’ve all said things we regret. I say things daily that I wish I hadn’t said. But I’m just a peon. I lowly talk show host that according to many, no one listens to (even though everyone seems to know what I say).

Anyway … if you’re running for public office … say State Assemblyman … you should be careful of what you say, right? Especially on radio.

Today I had a guest on my show by the name of Jeff Bono. Jeff has run twice to be the assemblyman in the 142nd district in NY. He lost once to Sanda Lee Wirth … and then a second time to Mike Cole. He’s running for a third time, presumably against Cole again.

Jeff recently switched parties from Democrat to Republican and was exlpaining to me why. I asked him about Eliot Spitzer … inspiring the below passage.

Bono: “His position on issues … like for the example … the drivers licenses. That was actually one of the things that just pushed me over the edge. Drivers licenses for illegal aliens. The whole thought process for that is so retarted I can’t imagine. What actually makes you think that someone’s going to go out and get a drivers license when you’re basically flat out saying on the news that this is going to be an easier way to track them … It’s just retarded.”

Me: “Let me back you up just a couple minutes. I don’t know if you realize that you said it or not, but you said it twice … and it can’t be good for a candidacy.”

Bono: “Said what?”

Me: “Retarded?”

Bono: “Oh.”

Me: “Is that really a good …”

Bono: “Well, it is what it is. I think that it’s a very backwards way of thinking if you honestly believe that those sort of situations are going to actually cause any positive action in this state.”

Me: “Okay. Backwards could be taken one way but I just frankly found the word … offensive.”

Bono: “I apologize to your listeners if they found it offensive.”

Now, again … we all say things that are inappropriate. But I’m not sure Jeff realizes – even now – just how offensive that statement was.

I like Jeff personally, but can we really consider someone a serious candidate when they make such an obvious social blunder?