I’ve alluded to this … and told several of you privately … but it wasn’t really “public” yet, so I didn’t come right and and say it …

But with it appearing in this morning’s Buffalo News, I guess it’s public now.

In addition to the hour of talk I am priveledged to have daily at WLVL 1340 AM in Lockport, I’ll be taking on an hour at Culver Communications’ new acquisition – WECK 1230 AM in Buffalo.

The show – which I’m calling “Reason, with Scott Leffler,” will air Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 11 a.m. It is currently slated to begin next week, although some i’s need dotted and some t’s need crossed yet … so we’ll see.

Reason will be very similar to Dialog in that I’ll have compelling guests, take phone calls from listeners and give my ever-so-humble opinion on the issues of the day.

It will be different, however, in that it will focus on Buffalo and Erie County – just as WECK will focus on Buffalo and Erie County.

I have a couple guests lined up for next week already:

Tuesday 10:10 a.m. … Jerry Zremski, Washington Bureau Chief for the Buffalo News.

Wednesday 10:10 a.m. … Jon Powers, Democratic Candidate for Congress in the 26th district.

Thursday 10:10 a.m. … Lou Riccuiti, nuclear and waste researcher.

I’m really looking forward to the new gig … and to expanding beyong Niagara County. Hopefully you’ll tune in to 1230 at 10 … and 1340 at 11.