This morning’s show was relatively glitch free. In fact, the only err I can think of is the fact that I don’t know how to “park” phone calls – that is put someone on hold while I’m talking to someone else. I’ll get that figured out soon enough.

Of course, Eliot Spitzer remained the topic. And the whole saga is likely to remain on the forefront of my show notes. My thoughts today focused on what I (and you) think Spitzer’s punishment should be. Also, whether having David Paterson as governor is good for WNY or bad.

Tomorrow I am hoping to have Mayor Byron Brown talk with me about what he thinks the shift in power will mean for Buffalo. He MAY be on around 10:30 a.m. – assuming his scheduling works out – for about 10 minutes. Of course, it could all fall through.

Monday, though, I’m more certain that Assemblyman Mike Cole will be on from 10:15 til about 10:25 to discuss the transition of power and what it means for him, his colleagues in the Assembly, and the citizens of the Empire State.

I was still unable to record the show today. And I’m not sure when I WILL be able to record it. But today there were CD players … which weren’t there before. And the production room had a sound board (which it hadn’t before) and turn tables. Of course, I’m not interested in turn tables, but we’ll have a Polka show on Sundays … and the Polka guy wants turn tables. So, basically, we’re moving forward.

Meanwhile, in Lockport, Tom Christy filled in for me … and it turned out to be the perfect day for him to do so. Tom, who’s in my top 8 here on MySpace, was recently informed by an LCTV staffer that Legislature Journal, the show he’s hosted for 10 years, has been cancelled.

Doug Young, news director for WLVL, interviewed Tom about it this morning. The knowledge really revved listeners up as Tom was inundated with pissed off callers wanting to know what they could do. County Legislator Dennis Virtuoso even called in to tell Tom that he’d introduce a bill at the legislature on Tuesday demanding that LCTV restore the show.

We’ll see what happens with all that, but know this: I stand behind Tom and will be there to help him in any way possible.

The fact that Tom has been cut off from LCTV just goes to show how important it is that Lockport has WLVL … and now that Buffalo has WECK. Free speech isn’t nearly as free-flowing as it should be in our country … and particularly in WNY. So my having the outlets at WLVL and WECK … and just as importantly, the trust of Dick Greene, is even more important today than it was yesterday.

And know this … I appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given.

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