I’ve been told before that for every hour of on-air time, a talk show host should spend two hours on show prep.

Fortunately for me, the show prep for Dialog has basically been the news I would have otherwise read and conversations I would have otherwise had throughout the course of the day anyway … in other words, I didn’t have to sit down and do much research, really.

Well, with Reason now on the air at the new Hometown 1230 WECK, I’m not quite as in my element … so, dislike it as I may, I actually have to do some work. 🙁

This morning I’m talking about gas prices and how they effect us. I’ve spent the last couple hours compiling data … and thought I’d put the links here on my blog so you can “see my work.”

Gas prices throughout New York State

Gas prices around Buffalo

Nation-wide gas statistics

Commuting stats from the 2003 Census

Gas taxes by state

So this morning while you’re looking over your pay stub and realizing that about half your paycheck is going straight into your gas tank, why not listen to Reason on AM 1230 WECK … and if you’re really pissed, give me a call at 783-WECK between 10 and 11 a.m.