Of course, I’ve been pretty busy in general this week … and since WECK launched for that matter. But there was really a lot going on today.

Over at WECK I had a nice interview with State Senator Antoine Thompson who talked with me about the new governor, the open congressional seat (with the retirement of Tom Reynolds) and impending open State Senate seat belonging to George Maziarz, who is widely assumed to be running for Reynolds’ seat.

Sen. Thompson’s reaction to a couple questions was rather amusing … specifically when I asked if he was licking his chops at the opportunity for the Democrats to pick up Maziarz seat.

Secondly, I talked with Rus Thompson. Rus is a community activist, former candidate for the Erie County Legislature, and blogger. Rus and I discussed Governor Paterson’s sexual affairs, Reynolds seat, and WNYMedia.net, the group he blogs for. (read his blog here)

Then it was off to Lockport, where I talked with Tim Marren, managing editor of the Union-Sun & Journal. Tim’s always a fun interview and marveled at my abililty to be in two places at once.

Both shows were podcast – REASON at scottleffler.com and DIALOG at wlvl.com.

The pain stems from my sleeping wrong, I think. My neck and shoulder are excruciating. I’ve tried standing under a hot shower, pain pills, icy hot, and massaging it. Nothing helps. *sigh*

I’m home now, counting down to the Sabres game, which I’m praying is a win for the good guys.

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