Hey. Hi. How ya doin? Scott Leffler here.

So I’ve been doing this whole radio gig for about five years now at WLVL out in beautiful sunny Lockport. Problem is, we’re a 1,000 watt station whose signal doesn’t reach into the deep depths of Erie County.

I’ve got all these friends and colleagues in Buffalo and beyond who don’t get the opportunity to tune in and hear the moronic things I say … or the occasional non-moronic thing I might say … some day.

Well, thanks to the power of a large wallet combined with a large loan, the owner of WLVL recently purchased WECK in Cheektowaga! And more importantly (at least to my ego) he has given me a slot on that station – IN ADDITION to the time I already spend on-air at WLVL.

Now, we’re still working some bugs out, but if you tune in, it sounds like a radio show. I give my opinion. Give the phone number out. Beg for calls. Do some idle chit-chat with Frank Miller who does the show after me. Plug my web site. And then head back to Lockport at the end of the hour.

So … moral of the story … Cheektowaga and Buffalo have a new talk radio station in WECK (AM 1230). I’m on the air every day at 10 a.m. (a little after on account of the news). And not only can my Erie County friends listen to me now, but I can make new Erie County friends, too! (preferably blondes)

Also worth noting, aside from yours truly, the station actually has a very decent lineup – including Harv Moore, Tom Donahue, Tom Schuh and Brad Riter (weekdays 6-9 p.m.)

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