With each passing day, the November elections get clearer … and at the same time more muddy.

Today, Jack Davis announced that he IS a candidate for the US Congress, hoping to capture the seat being vacated by Tom Reynolds, whom has twice defeated Davis.

The same story says Lockport Mayor Mike Tucker has opted against running for the assembly seat currently held by Mike Cole. Elma’s Mike Nolan says he IS running for that spot, however. Apparently, being named Mike is helpful in that district, surely something Jeff Bono (another candidate) didn’t get the memo on.

In the state senate, rumor has it that “Baby” Joe Mesi will announce his candidacy for the 61st district next week.

And in other celebrities-who-think-they’re-politicians news, Channel 4’s Don Postles got out of the congressional (26th) race as quickly as he was put in it. Not sure if Postles ever planned on running at all, but he sure took a while to take his hat out of the ring.

WBEN’s Tom Bauerle said this morning that if Postles were considered a credible candidate, that maybe he (Bauerle) should run.

I think he was kidding.

I hope he was kidding.

Finally, on the 26th, many had thought that with State Sen. George Maziarz opting out of that race, that the Niagara County Republican Party would find another candidate – expected to be county chairman Henry Wojtaszek. According to the Rochester D&C, however, the Niagara County candidate will be Wheatfield Supervisor Tim Demler.