Posters at the Union-Sun & Journal’s web forum type what most Lockportians have got to be thinking … what the hell is going on with the Molson Concert series.

It’s now into June. Thursday in the Square has started. Artpark’s concerts have started. North Tonawanda announced their lineup for the series that replaces what once WAS the Molson Concert series. And we’ve heard nothing official here in the Lock city.

Many have been following a web site called (as have I) and note that there are a handful of concerts listed there, but frankly, only a couple that are listed look like something to write home about.

Lou Gramm on June 27
Blood, Sweat and Tears on July 11

REO Speedwagon has the series listed on their website for an August 15th date.

But, seriously, with less than a month before the first concert, you would think we’d have more details. It makes me wonder what the problem is.