I’m late in getting to today’s show notes, so I’m combining them.

On both Reason, I interviewed Sheriff Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. His solution to things was simple … if people break the law, arrest them. And once they’re in jail, don’t coddle them. I re-played the interview on Dialog at 11:15. For a direct link to Joe’s book on Amazon, click here.

Following Sheriff Joe on Reason, I talked with Toni Lyn Frain about this coming Sunday’s Kidney Walk at Dunn Tire Park. I’ve known Toni since i was “this tall,” and she shared some embarrasing stories from my youth … as did I. For more on the Kidney Walk, click here.

Back at WLVL, following Sheriff Joe, I interviewed Patrick Robinson about his new book, “To the Death.” It dealt with Guantanamo … and let’s just say Patrick and I disagreed on some things. Nonetheless, if you’d like a copy of Patrick’s book, click this link.

Tomorrow, we’ve got the Niagara County Historial Society on Dialog … and I’m planning on winging it during Reason.

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