From Tim Marren’s blog at the Union-Sun & Journal:

In a horribly ironic and just all-around odd and scary situation, Lockport Police Chief Larry Eggert was hit by a car, driven by a 19-year-old, while riding his bike home from the station. The accident came just a short while after a press event where Eggert and LPD donated five bikes to the Boy Scouts.

It also came on the same day when Scott Leffler hosted Eggert on his WLVL show, and one caller mentioned he saw Eggert jogging around town recently, but didn’t want to say where he runs, in fear that someone might want to do harm to him.

Marren goes on to say that the accident was just that – an accident. Of course, it was. I couldn’t imagine that anyone would ever want to do harm to Larry, one of the nicest and most respectful guys I’ve come across. Besides, who could have anything against a guy that rides his bike and donates bikes to the Boy Scouts?

It is amazing the bad luck this guy has come across. You may recall that he was shot in February 2003 chasing Jason Kanalley. He, of course, recovered from that – slowly – and was recently appointed chief of the LPD.

For the rest of the story from the US&J – including a photo of the accident, click here.

Here’s to a quick recovery, Larry.

(post edited @ 9:47 p.m. – Niagara Times says Eggert suffered a broken leg, broken ankle and broken ribs and is expected to be “laid up” for 12 weeks)