I just confirmed with Erie County Comptroller Mark Poloncarz that he’ll be on Reason at 10 a.m. to discuss county borrowing.

I got an email from Mark last night, asking Erie County residents to help get the Governor to approve a measure by the state legislature that closed a loophole – as he called it – preventing the county from borrowing money.

Mark writes: “Since talking office I have never asked you to take any action but your help is needed now. If Governor Paterson hears from the taxpayers of our community I know he will sign this legislation into law and let our elected leaders, not appointed members of a state authority, borrow on your behalf to complete these very important but delayed projects.

Therefore, I ask each of you to write to Governor David Paterson and ask him to sign into law the legislation, which will return representative democracy to Erie County and ensure that needed but delayed capital projects are completed this year.”

Mark says if you click this link, you can fill out a form and ask the governor to sign the bill.