From (click the link for descriptions of each) … and go to the forum for a discussion on pet peeves, including my irritation with “The Fourth of July.”

  1. Sending or responding to all to CYA (cover your butt).
  2. People trying to solve complex issues using email.
  3. Dirty email messages.
  4. Subject lines that don’t match the message or ones that do little to let you know what the message is about.
  5. Last-minute cancellations.
  6. Procrastinators.
  7. People who call you instead of checking their email.
  8. No response.
  9. One-liners.
  10. Underlines.
  11. My original message not attached.
  12. Smileys, emoticons.
  13. Plaxo.
  14. Senseless auto responders.
  15. Cute shortcuts.
  16. Read receipt.
  17. Too many attachments.
  18. Attachment and no body.
  19. Abuse of my email address.
  20. Recipient names not private.
  21. Passing on hoaxes instead of checking them out first.
  22. Who are you?
  23. Messages without signature lines.
  24. Adding me to your email list.
  25. Bad grammar and punctuation.
  26. Work email abuse.
  27. Unprofessional email IDs.

There you have it. Like I said, add your own pet peeves at the forum

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