News, notes and necessities

items of interest the week of July 21, 2008

an occasional update from me, Scott Leffler

News: I have a short week … and that makes this a short note.

Bob Confer was my guest this morning, talking about property rights and electricty rates. I would normally have Lockport Mayor Mike Tucker on Friday, but I’m taking a couple days off to spend with the fam, so I’ll have to reschedule the mayor.

Notes: The forum at is up to 17 members. Mindcrime asked if the users can pick the next game. I’m all about choice, so I said yes. The potential selections are posted in the members only section of the forum. Game gets added at 20 users.

I’m adding a new feature to the blog. There’s a blog I keep an eye on that does a feature called “heard.” Essentially, it asks readers to email in random funny things that they’ve heard around town. Like when you hear something funny at Tim Hortons … share it with the world at Read more here.

Last weeks’ web poll voters say a three-way congressional race in NY26 favors Jack Davis. See the full results here.

The new poll is based on an email I recieved talking about removing “God” from the pledge and our currency. It’s at the top of the blog on

Tomorrow’s column day. Make sure to check the website for longform thoughts from yours truly.

Friday’s concert in Lockport is a must-see. While I’ve heard great things about Kenny Wayne Shepherd, I’m more excited about the local bands, Wanted by the FBI and the Brotherhood.

Necessities: If you’re in the City of Lockport, the new Niagara Produce Lockport is the definition of necessity. I wrote a review here.

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