I didn’t even get a chance to post the Davis apology story before the Powers campaign had sent out a press release on the topic. It’s below in its entirety (with some commentary after)


WILLIAMSVILLE, NY – The Powers for Congress campaign today commented on the admitted bribes of their primary race opponent Jack Davis.

Campaign Manger, John Gerken, released the following statement:

“It is sad what so many years running for office appears to have done to Jack Davis. Jack Davis is trying to explain away his own acts of corruption and he hasn’t even gotten to Washington yet. This is just more, unfortunate proof that sending Jack Davis to Congress won’t do anything to change Washington.”

Davis today announced he was severing his relationships with the “consultants” in question.

The Davis Campaign has recently come under criticism for bribing Independence Party Officials causing the resignation of Monroe County Chairman Rafael Colon.

Last week, Rafael Colon, the Monroe County Independence Party chairman, stepped down amidst accusations that his wife was paid $5,000 by the Davis campaign. Davis Campaign Manager, Luke Vaughn, said that the payments were meant to “build relationships” and admitted that Davis would continue to pay party officials in an attempt to influence them. These payments were made during the month of May when Davis was actively campaigning for the Independence Party’s endorsement and much coveted position on the November ballot.

The interim Monroe County Independence Party Chairman Walter Schiemann told the Buffalo News that he was not going to let the Independence Party fall into the hands of a man like Jack Davis and that this payment was a blatant payoff. “It’s definitely a bribe – absolutely.” said Schiemann.

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Interestingly, the Powers camp has positioned this as though Davis had admitted to bribery. Of course, Davis hasn’t (and I’m sure won’t) done any such thing. From what I’ve seen he has simply admitted that it didn’t “look” good. (The appearance of impropriety) Whether it was or wasn’t, only Jack knows. But it sure did look like it.