The Buffalo Bean posted a review of the Jon Powers interview. He thought it was a bust. I thought it a mixed bag.

I would have liked more succinct answers from Jon. I thought he had a chance to put the “War Kids” issue to bed had he had the facts and figures that people were looking for. Instead he talked in generalities.

Personally, I think the “War Kids” issue is being overblown by his opponents, primarily the Davis campaign. I mean, what has Jack Davis done for the kids in Iraq? I don’t know how much “War Kids” raised … and I don’t know what percentage of the money went to Powers, but I do know that he helped kids in Iraq more than his detractors did.

That said, if Powers doesn’t put this issue down now, it will haunt him on Primary day and could cost him the Democratic line. And if he wins the primary, I’m sure the Chris Lee campaign will keep the issue hot.

The first two phone calls were obvious plants. Look, it’s politics. That happens. And no matter what Powers said to them, they weren’t going to be happy. He should have called them out and said, “go tell your boss I said ‘this.'” Instead, he played their game … and I’m sure they think they won that game.

The Bean points out that it was obvious Powers didn’t know what the Flight of Five was. It’s a very big deal in Lockport. A congressional candidate should know about it. Personally, I think the Flight of Five is a pork project, but it’s one that would have given him support had he hit it out of the park.

I like the fact that he wants to get us out of the illegal war in Iraq. He says 16 to 18 months. I say as soon as possible.

I give Powers points for coming on and answering questions, but if he’s going to represent the 26th, he has to step up his game.

What do you think?

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