This morning on Dialog, I discussed my frustration with politicians using our money to campaign for their jobs.

This is the blog post I was referencing

And here’s another example

I was upset about George Maziarz’ mailer saying that the best way for the state to save money is for them (with their $6 BILLION budget deficit) to demand a cap on education spending … or at least on the local property taxes for education. (which of course, they don’t control)

Heaven forbid the state actually save THEIR OWN money. They feel compelled to save you by asking someone else to pare back.

Do I think education spending is too high? Sure do. But when your own budget is $6B in the red, I don’t think you’re in a position to suggest how others spend their money.

AND … I was a little worked up today … How much was did it cost to create and send that full color mailer? Want to save money? Start there. Especially since it looked A LOT like a campaign mailer … sent at our expense.

Of course, the Maziarz mailer didn’t make the news … cause he’s the media darling who can do no wrong. In fact, his official paper, The Niagara Falls Reporter, printed a hit piece against his opponent a few weeks ago because Brian Grear dared call George out. Now, I enjoy reading the Reporter … and they’ve often got some good stuff … but have you EVER … ONCE … seen a story or opinion piece showing Maziarz to be anything other than a saint? Me thinks not. I’ve often wondered silently why that is. I guess now I wonder aloud.