So I’m pretty used to being called a shill for the Democratic Party by a number of right-wing nutjobs who wouldn’t know fairness if it smacked them in the face. But being called a Republican shill is new to me. Until now

This campaign is proving that the liberal media is a fallacy. Other than Air America, Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, Bill Press, Randi Rhodes, the NY Times and locally John Restaino, the media is dominated by conservative Republican shills. FOX is the number one culprit, closely followed by that pillar of journalism, Rush Limbaugh. Locally, between Sandy Beach, Tom Bauerle and Kenny Hamilton (and lets not forget Scott Leffler) the coverage is pro-Republican.

Um. Yeah. Has this guy been listening? True, I think Sarah Palin was a good pick for the McCain camp. Their poll surge would indicate I was correct. If my understanding of local and national politics makes me a right winger, then so be it.

Particular ironic is that he wrote that yesterday evening, following my throw down with Katherine Debrecht the day before … AND my interview with Dr. Michael Niman yesterday morning.