I got this email from a friend of mine …

Here is a great story for you. If this doesn’t make your day, nothing will.

There is a little boy named Derek Andrews who lives in Clarence NY. He is presently 7 years old and will turn 8 in October. Derek has a muscle disorder and doctors told his parents that Derek would never be able to run or play sports. Apparently, however, no one ever told Derek.

He plays hockey at the Amherst Pepsi Center, baseball and soccer in Clarence, and participates in gymnastics. Maybe the word ‘plays’ is a bit misleading. Derek was on the baseball league all-star team, the ice hockey select team and was the leading scorer on his soccer team! All despite that condition that continues to weaken the muscles in his body.

To make the story even more heartwarming, after winning a local bank’s essay contest (who in the world writes essays at 7 ), Derek used his prize money to put on a magic show at Children’s Hospital, help organize a book drive for a Buffalo school and buy supplies for elephants at The Buffalo Zoo.

Derek’s uncle says that Derek has been nominated for ‘Sports Kid of the Year’ by Sports Illustrated for Kids and is now a top 10 finalist. I can’t think of any more deserving kid than this boy. To help Derek achieve that honor, all you have to do is vote for him at the following web site http://sikids.com/sportskid/. It literally takes 15 seconds to do. You are allowed to vote as often as you wish.

PLEASE SEND THIS ALONG TO ANYONE ON YOUR EMAIL LIST. Most of us have a set group we send emails to. Send this one along. It is your chance to feel good about yourself and to help a little boy who has more heart than most people today will ever need or know.