Lots of commentary from all over the place concerning last night’s debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.

Here’s a story from Channel 7 about the crowd gathered at Morrissey’s to watch the debate, including a quote from WNYMedia.net’s Alan Bedenko (Buffalo Pundit)

A similar story from Channel 4 (which I debated even listing cause their whining fit and lack of professionalism over their Time Warner negotiations disgusts me).

Reaction from Buffalo Pundit, who thought each candidate had good and bad points. (shoutout back at ya, Alan)

The Buffalo Bean says Sarah Palin won hands down. (he also finally admits that New York is not in play.)

But a CNN poll says it was Biden who won.

The Washington Post says Biden spent the last several days working on the “tone” of the debate. That might be why many people (self included) say it was style over substance.

ABC News fact checked the debate. Watch their fact check here.

Palin may think she had a good night last night, but she does have some things to worry about nonetheless.

Howard Kurtz says the press has actually been going easy on Palin. Maybe they won’t after she threw the gauntlet at them last night. (although it’s not the first time “The Straight Talk Express” has gone after the media.)

And Republicans in California says Schwarzenegger has things to worry about, too. Prison guards want him Totally Recalled.

Here’s the list of reasons to NOT vote for McCain that I discussed on Reason yesterday. I had an Obama list on Wednesday.

And we’ll end with a funny: