Sorry for the late notice, but it wasn’t confirmed until last night … Roger Calero, presidential candidate representing the Socialist Workers Party will join me this morning on Reason on Hometown 1230 WECK around 10:30 a.m.

Roger is a 38-year-old resident of the Bronx, who lists himself as a Nicaraguan native. If he was born in Nicaragua, that means he can’t be president, but he’s still running. And you can vote for him.

Check out his website and tune in at 10:30 to hear his answers and his vision.

My goal is to have all five minor-party candidates who will be on the ballot in New York State talk to you before election day.

Last week, I had an exclusive interiew with Ralph Nader. This morning it will be Roger Calero. That leaves three candidates to talk with yet: Gloria Riva, Cynthia McKinney and Bob Barr. I’ve reached out to all three. Hopefully we hear from them soon.