If you were following along in the LiveBlog last night, I mentioned that the Sabres media folks had told me that not all NHL teams are so appreciative of LiveBlogging.

Apparently, a member of the Edmonton media was removed from a recent Oilers game – and told not to come back – because he was “liveblogging without permission” or something stupid like that.

I found the story online … and it’s true.

Although the blogger in question seems to think it may have had more to do with what he was saying than the fact that he was saying it in a LiveBlog.

For those of you who have paid attention, you’ll notice that I LiveBlog during Sabres games, whether I’m watching them from HSBC or from home. While I’m at the games, I also take a few snapshots here and there, interview some players after the game and typically sit in on the post-game press conference (occasionally asking questions that cause the head coach to laugh at me).

I can’t speak for any other sports organization, but I can tell you that the Sabres front office treats the local media very well.

And I’m not just saying that cause the read this blog. 🙂