With a Sabres game tonight and less than 96 hours until election day voting begins, there’s a TON of news out there. I thought I’d share some with you.

NBC’s Chuck Todd breaks down each state in the union (and the District) here. No, Chuck Todd and I are not related. And yes, I’ve heard that we look like we might be.

Yesterday was a very interesting day for NY’s 26th Congressional District. First Alice Kryzan found out she’d be on the Working Families Line. Then a judge ruled she wouldn’t. It’s getting a little late to make any changes to the ballot, don’t you think? Niagara County GOP Election Commissioner Scott Kiedrowski sure thinks so. I’d be hard pressed to disagree with him.

Another note in the 26th, The Buffalo Bean lobbed some softballs to Republican Candidate Chris Lee. Don’t be surprised if that’s the only media avail Lee does before election day. Especially after this story ran in the Buffalo News saying that Lee was fired from a job for allegedly hacking into a computer for personal gain.

The big questions in the 26th is: Does Obama have the coattails to bring Kryzan to Washington with him? And will a 20-year old firing be Lee’s October surprise? We’ll find out Tuesday night.

Looks like the Obama campaign is starting to get choosy about who rides the campaign plane with them. ABC’s Jake Tapper says three reporters, who all work for papers that endorsed McCain, suddenly found themselves out on the tarmac. This is ugly politics and further proof that the system is inherently flawed.

Speaking of Barack Obama, it seems that McCain has decided to make him his pitch man, creating a new commercial filled with Obama complimenting him. I’m not sure about this strategy, but at this point in the game, ya gotta try some three pointers, right?

And now for the important stuff: Sabres news …

A contributor in Thursday’s night’s Sabres LiveBlog asked if it was time to shake up the lines. I said ‘no.’ Apparently, Lindy Ruff disagreed.

If you missed last year’s Winter Classic, fear not, you may soon be able to skate on that very rink.

Looks like fans who bought tickets to tonight’s game specifically to see Alex Ovechkin are going to be disappointed. I’m not even going … and I’m going to be disappointed.

And finally, it looks like I’ll be unable to do a LiveBlog of tonight’s game. Might I recommend the open thread at BfloBlog? In fact, maybe you can recruit some of them to join our next LiveBlog on Monday (at New Jersey).