If I said that last night’s Sabres game was anything less than disappointing, I’d be lying.

First, I hate the Leafs. And their fans. I hate “Go Leafs Go” about as much as I hate that stupid soccer song that Montreal uses. And man, were those fans arrogant last night.

Sabres security told me upon my checking in at the game that a Maple Leafs fan had already been ejected. It was still about 15 minutes BEFORE face off.

But I could have handled the Leafs fans … if the Sabres could have handled the Leafs. And there’s no reason they shouldn’t have. The Sabres got more chances in the first period than most teams get in a game … and squandered the majority of them looking for “the perfect goal.”

The press box was abuzz with thoughts of who would net the Sabres 10,000th goal. I was hoping for Max. Tim Schmitt (who will join me on Reason on Monday at 10 a.m. to discuss Sabres and Bills) thought it would be Stafford. Most were betting on Vanek.

It almost seemed like no one wanted to get that 10,000th goal, though. Stafford should have had it. He had a net opened wider than … well … it was wide open. And he cranked it wide. The look Schmitt gave me was priceless.

And Miller played his heart out again. I’m not the biggest Miller fan, but he’s been huge lately. The second goal, though, the one that bounced off the ice and over him … pure fluke. Not much he could have done to stop it.

A couple bright notes: I mingled a little more with the other media folk than I usually do. Had a nice chance to talk with Jim Ralph, who does color commentary for AM 640 out of Toronto. He mentioned how much he loved coming to Buffalo for games because it’s always more exciting here.

I skipped the presser and bolted right after the game. It’s usually impossible to get decent interviews after a loss … and I wasn’t in the mood to beg (not for hockey interviews at least).

Anyway … some pix follow. Enjoy.