News, notes and necessities

items of interest the week of Dec. 15, 2008

an occasional update from me, Scott Leffler


Monday: Another Bills game. Another heartbreak. Plus the Sabres lost at home Friday night to Toronto. Maybe my former co-worker, drinkin’ buddy and all-around good guy Tim Schmitt can help us put it into perspective. Tim is the sports editor for Greater Niagara News. Plus, we’ll discuss the yahoo in Iraq who threw a shoe at our president. That’s all on WECK beginning at 10 a.m. Over on WLVL, we’ll talk state issues with Bob Confer … and discuss the new cigarette tax it looks like we’ll be paying on the reservation.

Tuesday: On WECK, we’re going to talk with Peggy Penders of the Upstate Better Business Bureau. She and another representative from the BBB are going to try to help us not get ripped off this holiday season.

Friday: Tim Marren, managing editor from the Union-Sun & Journal will be in studio taking phone calls during Dialog.

Notes: I’ve decided to return to a focus on local music and am searching for as much local Christmas music as possible to play heading into and coming out of commercial breaks. Know someone in a band? If they’ve got some holiday tunes, let ’em know I’m looking. I’ll have more local music news in the new year.

Also in the new year, I’ll be hosting Scholastic Bowl on WLVL again. It kicks off in early January and runs through mid-March. Games are all played at 5:30 p.m. and will be played most weeknights. The full schedule will be posted soon at And, of course, it will be streamed live like all WLVL programming is.

Necessities: Since the Sabres put the kaibosh on the whole LiveBlogging thing, I’ve found a website that comments on the games (and everything thing else) as it happens. It’s Talk Buffalo Sports .com … and it’s mainly a sports site with some other stuff going on, too. I find myself going there during Sabres and Bills games … either to celebrate or commisserate. There’s forums and whathaveyou, but the coolest part is the ShoutBox.

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