News, notes and necessities

items of interest the week of Feb. 2, 2009

an occasional update from me, Scott Leffler


Monday: It’s Groundhog Day!!! And, of course, it’s the unofficial “reaction to the Super Bowl” day. So I’ll be talking about different aspects of the game for the entirety of todays shows. I’ll give my thoughts at 9, followed by the observations of an Arizona fan – Ernie Green – at 9:30. Joe Major reports live from Tampa at 10 and Tim Schmitt joins Matt Pearl at 10:30 to discuss their thoughts. Then at 11, I switch to WLVL and focus on the commercials with Racin’ Ray Sherman. So … a jam packed day.

Tuesday: I’ll talk with someone from at 10:15 a.m. on WECK. Plus we’ll hear from Jay Ellis on “ways to survive the recession” at 10:45.

Thursday: Beast Radio with Paul Fallon at 10 a.m. on WECK.

Friday: Music Friday on WECK. Plus it’s Ronald Reagan’s birthday. As though that were a good thing.

Notes: There’s Scholastic Bowl every day this week on WLVL … starting with a double header tonight. As always, Scholastic Bowl starts at 5:30 p.m. on WLVL and …

I updated several podcasts on … and have almost all of the Reason shows updated for the year, plus the Music Fridays. Dialog updates are next.

Speaking of Music Fridays, I’m looking for bands for the feature for upcoming weeks. In a band or have a friend who is? Have them get ahold of me.

Some of you have asked what happened to 2 Minutes of Reason. Well, it’s like this … I didn’t have time to do it justice. With taking a third hour of air time, that left me less time to do other things and something had to give. 2MR is what gave.

Necessities: If you missed the commercials during last night’s game … or just want to watch them again, they’re all available at

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