So far I’m two for two with crucial decisions NY-26 Congressman Chris Lee has made.

He opposed the far-too-expensive, runaway bailout program … as did I. And he voted against it in the house.

But when it came time to vote for the final package, his district needed him more than the House of Representatives did. And Congressman Lee skipped the vote to console his constituents following the crash of flight 3407.

From the NY Daily News:

Freshman Rep. Chris Lee, one of just three Republican members of the delegation, was one of three members listed as “not voting” on the roll call for the bill. (The others were Rep. James Clyburn, of South Carolina, and Rep. John Campbell, of California).

But Lee had a very good excuse for missing what is arguably one of the most important votes taken by the 111th Congress so far this year – he lives just two miles from the site of the Flight 3407 crash and also lost a family friend in the tragedy.