So, I’m not sure how it happened, but we spent almost the whole show discussing how to get rid of the geese from Widewaters (and other locataions).

I found this link on how to get rid of Canada Geese (not Canadian Geese).

A listener added cayenne pepper to the list … and another added wires close to the ground. Personally, I think hiring some dogs will work best.

One thought on “Dialog show notes 052609”
  1. Can Canada Geese be charged with littering/loitering? I haven’t had a goose dive at me yet, but the fathers hiss at you crazily when you pass the baby geese. Canada geese move in droves along the Erie Canal along Creekside Dr. in the town of Tonawanda from Elicott Creek park to where the entrance to the E.C. Island park is. It is hard to steer around all their poo on the bike path too.

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