Today’s show dealt with everyone’s favorite State Senator, George Maziarz, who was on WLVL’s news this morning lamenting the fact that Governor David Paterson has decided to appoint a new Lt. Gov. in order to break the senate stalemate.

Maziarz said the action was illegal … and wanted to know why Paterson didn’t do it a year ago.

Maziarz is full of it. Always. He had over a decade in the majority and got what done? Nothing. Just a continued circling of the drain. But some people are just in love with the guy, evidenced by the comments on this facebook post. (you have to be my Facebook friend to see it)

But today’s hypocrisy is something to behold. He’s upset that Paterson has come up with a solution to the state senate deadlock … which Maziarz, himself, is responsible for. He was proud to admit that he was one of the architects of the “coup,” but now wants to blame Paterson for wanting to fix it?

Of course, the best way to get my point of view on this is to listen to the podcast, which you can do by clicking here.