The show podcasting sort of ebbs and flows. Sometimes I slack a little bit … then I do my best to catch up. Well, last week, I did some catching up. Mind you, I’m not completely caught up (that’s a goal for this week), but I had a couple shows that I thoroughly enjoyed last week and wanted to get them online so they could be enjoyed by anyone who might have missed them.

Scott continues where the previous day left off, playing a clip of him being chastised by a Starpoint student … and talking with Brad Riter about the issue.

Dialog 082709 – Starpoint

Scott is irritated at the lackluster effort put forth by the education system. Most callers agree. But one young caller thinks Scott is off his rocker.

Scott discusses the passing of Senator Edward M. Kennedy … and other general idiocy.

Johnny D from the US&J sits in.

It’s Monday … so Scott talks Albany issues with Bob Confer.

This show went awry quickly. Scott regroups and starts over – midway through.