For those of you who have befriended me on Facebook, you've likely seen posts of late about me going to "the gym."

I've been meaning to join some sort of health club or fitness center for MONTHS now, but never quite got off my fat (and growing) ass to actually do it.

Being single again, I seem to have a lot more free time, and decided to put some of that time to good use by joining a gym, finally.

I had requirements, though. It had to have the appropriate exercise equipment (treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes) … And it *had to* have a pool. This was a somewhat difficult quest.

The YMCA in Lockport fit the bill, but I feel myself looking to steer clear of Lockport except when necessary. Frankly, I know too many people there … And even more people know me. I've been enjoying a certain degree of anonymity living in Erie County and wanted to keep as much of that as possible, even though I'm back in the Town of Niagara.

The Tonawanda Aquatic and Fitness center had gotten some good reviews from some people, so I checked it out. It was "okay," but was much more aquatic than fitness. I want a gym with a pool. Not the other way around.

I was fortunate to have coffee with an old friend last Friday (I seem to have a lot of coffee with a lot of old friends these days) … and she recommended Bally's on East Robinson in Amherst. So I checked it out … And loved it immediately. Signed up and have been going regularly.

I have been making good use of the indoor track, wearing headphones and listening to music as I walk a couple laps and then jog one … walk a few more then jog one. After warming up on the track, I've been jumping on either an elliptical machine or a stationary bike … again listening to tunes on my headphones.

Here's the thing: I seem to have a hard time listening to music and not singing along. I *know* this … So I just mouth the words. I must look like a complete idiot, singing silently to myself around a bunch of total strangers. Hmmph. Oh well.

My goal in all this, by the way is to lose 15 pounds by the end of the year and then another 20 before summer. And maybe make some new friends while I'm at it. I should work on the whole "mouthing the words" thing then, huh?


I had my kids today and took them to Delaware Park for a bit. It's so peaceful and serene. And I need serenity now. We also trekked over to Massachusetts Street to see the Extreme Home Makeover crew at work. I was INCREDIBLY impressed. Word on the street is that they've had more volunteers for this job than any other in the show's history. (Way to go, Buffalo) As a result, they've got people doing bits and pieces of work at at least nine different sites in the neighborhood. And the neighbors are giddy at the prospect of cleaning up some of the blight there.


A lot of people have asked when I'm going to get another radio gig. Plain answer is: I don't know if I am. There aren't that many openings in radio in WNY and there are many talented radio professionals looking for work. But that doesn't mean I've gone away – in any way.

I'm writing a weekly column for the Tonawanda News and the Lockport Journal and (apparently only sometimes) The Niagara Gazette. It runs on Tuesdays. Read it in print or online at their websites.


Speaking of websites, you may have noticed mine was down (again) for a few days. Sorry. As you can see, its back up.


I mentioned earlier that I'm single again. This does not mean that I want you to set me up with your sister's friend or anyone else for that matter. I'm gonna stay single for a while and figure some stuff out. When I'm ready to start dating again, if I need your help finding a girlfriend, I'll let you know.


Alright I've surely shared too much. And I'll sign off now. Talk to you soon.

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