You may have noticed an ugly void for a while where had been. And now, you might see that it’s back up. This site has a long history of randomly disappearing. Well … it might not be as random as you think. It disappears when it’s not in the budget. Fortunately, this week it was in the budget. So it’ll be operational for at least another three months. Yay!

Holy cow has a lot happened since my last post (November 15, 2010). First of all, I got a new job as night/city editor at the Union-Sun & Journal. Back in media. Print media. Back where it all began. Greater Niagara News.

You might not know this, but I’ve worked for Greater Niagara News longer (cumulatively) than any other employer. From age 12 to 17 delivering papers. As an intern in high school in the Gazette newsroom. Another internship at the Gazette in college, in addition to a summer job in circulation there. In the Union-Sun & Journal’s circulation department in 2000. Then into the newsroom there as the city reporter. Over to the Tonawanda News in 2003 to do page design. Then a seven year break … and now back at the US&J as night/city editor.

So what is this night/city editor gig? Well, basically, when someone says, “Damn, doesn’t anyone ever proofread this paper?” … that was probably me that screwed up. Hopefully we won’t hear much of that during my tenure here. Aside from the thrilling job of proofreading, I basically manage the newsroom when the sun goes down … making sure we have all the news that people want in their hands the next day.

So if you have a tip, please send it to me. My work email address is I promise to do everything in my power to get the stuff that matters printed.

Also, I’m in charge of the social media at the US&J, like their facebook page and their twitter page. And I update the news portion of the website nightly. It’d be really nice if you added us on facebook and followed us on twitter. Those will give you a glimpse of the day’s news. But the bulk of the news is on the company website itself. On average we upload 7 or 8 news stories a day, plus a couple sports stories and an opinion piece or two – including my column, which I continue to write weekly and is printed in the US&J in addition to our sister paper the Tonawanda News.

Speaking of, this week’s column is ready for your approval. Read and discuss. And hopefully you agree with me. If not, that’s all good. A variety of opinions makes for a more enjoyable discussion.

I’m hoping in the coming weeks and months ahead, I’ll be able to freshen up both the content and look of this website. In my off time. Which I have very little of.

I’m still working part time as an assistant manager at Papa Leos … at the Amherst store. And I’m doing some volunteer work with an organization called Peace Prints in Buffalo. (please add that on on facebook, too. A phenomenal organization if ever there was one).

Then of course, there’s the kids … and trying to have an active social life. So … suffice it to say, I’ve been busy. How about you?

Oh – sorry, you can’t comment here. I had to disable commenting on the blog because I got sick of having to delete stupid posts by people who could save the world if they put as much energy into doing good as they seem to put into hating everything. So comment on the forum … or via my facebook or twitter.

Yes, I realize I gave you four million links to click through. But now that horrible dread you had of having nothing to do today is washed away, isn’t it?

Glad to be back, peeps. I promise not to wait another 2 1/2 months to post again.